Free Lemonade Meets Resistance From Farmers’ Market President

by Garret Ean
Aug 23 2011

August 20, 2011 was celebrated around the nation as Lemonade Freedom Day, where those supporting children’s rights to sell lemonade had their own lemonade dispensery operations. Locally, I decided to bring some lemonade down to the weekly Concord farmers’ market. My idea was to call into question the definition of sale while still making free lemonade available to those who wanted it. I decided on a sort of reverse-taxation model. The sign on my cooler said, “LEMONADE State Employees: 1/4 FRN. Everyone Else: FREE”. I didn’t ask, and nobody admitted to being a state employee, though some gave voluntary donations, which I informed them would go to the Civil Disobedience Evolution Fund.

After the president of the Concord farmers’ market association demanded that I leave, and stormed off threatening to call the police, I took down the “State Employees: 1/4 FRN” portion of the sign and made the operation completely free for all. The video of my encounter with Mr. President and the subsequent police followup is embedded below. I must express gratitude toward the three members of the Concord police who decided not to take action against the stand, despite the urging of the man called president. I was told, incorrectly, yet again, that audio recording in public is a crime, but police said that they would be nice and not arrest me for it today. The free lemonade cooler remained in operation from when it was set up at 10am to when the farmers’ market closed at noon. A total of 19 Federal Reserve Notes were donated by those who enjoyed their lemonade.

To members of the Concord farmers’ market association, consider how poorly the man calling himself “the president” represented your organization. When dealing with a conflict as innocuous as a free lemonade cooler, it would be wise to take a more cordial approach. Count the number of demands the president made of myself compared to how many I made of him. He outright stated “you’re on my street”, including a contradictory statement, “we rent the street, we own it”. In case it was not clear, Capitol Street is “owned” by the City of Concord corporation, which is supposedly co-owned by all residents of Concord. The purpose of a marketplace is to bring people of mutual interests together, and telling Concord residents that they don’t legally have a right to be on a street that they pay for is directly in conflict with those goals. I wish Mr. President peace, and advise that he look to more diplomatic approaches to problem solving in the future. Laying your hands on other people’s property and calling armed men to deal with your problems does not create a more harmonious world.

The only reported arrests on Lemonade Freedom Day were in DC, which speaks volumes of how civilly out of tune the overlording city-state is with the rest of the nation. Meg McLain, Will Duffield, and Kathryn Dill were arrested on “vending without a permit”, “unlawful conduct”, and “failure to obey” charges. Their crime was making lemonade available for ten cents per cup on the US Capitol lawn.

Aug 30 2011: A media roundup of websites running stories based on the Free Lemonade operation here in Concord has been posted here:

Lemonade Liberation Media Roundup


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18 Responses to Free Lemonade Meets Resistance From Farmers’ Market President

  1. David says:

    You do realize, dumbshit, that the Farmers’ Market President (and it is Farmers’, not Farmer’s, moron) was completely correct. They rent that space from the city, and for the time period which they rent it, they get to decide who sells, or gives away anryhing. Period.

    • Jay says:

      David, you are a “fuckwit.” Kindly allow me to explain your “fuckwittery.”

      If you’re going to correct someone about his apostrophe placement, then you ought to be certain that you make no mistakes or typos in your critique, e.g. “anryhing.” Yeah, sure, it was an unintentional typo on your part. I get that. Those two keys are right next to each other. Everyone makes mistakes. It happens. Yet in your rush to post your comment, you failed to check your spelling. That is why you are a “fuckwit.”

      Thank you for sharing your opinion, David. I mean that sincerely.

    • Keith says:

      As to the other poster, I think fuckwit is wrong, you seem more like a total fucktard than a fuckwit. And as to that lease, if the public can freely pass through, it it is with all of their civil rights intact. That means you Fruit-Nazis do not touch any video cameras. Is that clear?

    • Davey says:

      I’m confused by your willingness to interrupt (and no matter what you say, you are interrupting by refusing to give ample reason to comply or not comply with reasonable requests that reference a contract) an unrelated private event so as to stage an act of political protest. Why should the Concord Farmers’ Market, a peaceful organization, be burdened by quasi-political stubbornness that attempts to better the practices of the state, and not their own? By attempting to promote a wider range of “sale,” you draw negative attention to those engaging in the act itself; how is this reconciled?

  2. Julia says:

    Sorry this happened, man. That guy should have been a bit more respectful.

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  4. Michael Garcia says:

    Good job Garret. Makes me want to come out there and give away other products. The president seemed to enjoy his teeny kingdom of the street. Good job not letting his majesty take your property.

  5. Mongo says:

    I wonder if that president guy lives in Concord? Does he have another job during weekdays? Does that mean he gets to decide who walks on the sidewalk? He doesn’t seem very dedicated to the customer service concept. If he worked at McDonald’s he wouldn’t last long, I bet. They generally seem more friendly there.

  6. Mongo says:

    Incidentally, either Farmer’s market or Farmers’ market could be correct. Depends on whether it’s a family of farmers or not. If it belongs to Mr. Farmer, it would be Farmer’s market.

  7. Hilarious video Garret. I was laughing out loud. Unfortunately, it is sad at the same time. This brings up a host of issues that we should probably discuss as a society. For example, should an entity be allowed to rent a public street and keep people away from said public street while it is being rented? I doubt it. Clearly the president of the Market needs to be spoken to and needs to understand that this was a prank making a very valid political point. Calling the cops? Hanging a sign saying the guy giving away lemonade isn’t a member? OMW! Been to middle school lately dude? Come on. Sad actually. I wonder, Does he get paid? Does he get a stipend for his work as president? Why would anyone be so upset over something so silly? Amazing.

  8. leftofdeth says:

    That was great. Man was that dude a jerk! You really had him flustered Garret, that was awesome. I liked how you pointed out the fact, that no one around you really knew what was going on and that you backed your point with concrete factual information and had the proof the back it up. That makes for a great Journalist. Keep up the awesome work!!

    Also, I think not being able to have lemonade stands is wrong. They’re kids!! It’s something fun they do to keep them out of trouble!

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  10. Most excellent job my man. I am glad you gave away some lemonade that day.

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  14. arnold goodman says:

    There are two valid issues at essence of this confrontation.
    THe first I would like to consider is that a valid contract between the city of Concord and the Farmer’s market allows them to assemble and sell a product on a particular piece of city property. Does it include the exclusive right to the Farmer” market members only to sell their product.

    It obviously doesnt prevent citizens from access to the property as in this case.
    As an example when the city rents out a theatre to a private group for providing a service for a fee, then that group has the exclusive rights to who has entrance to see the performance.

    The behavioral response of the president of the Farmer’s market president leaves a lot to be deired is rather obvious. But the journalist was breaching the contract between the city and Farmer”s market by selling a product not in accord with the contract between the two parties. He was not even a party to the rental contract. Paid nothing towards rental of the street. Did he even have a license to sell as a street vendor from the city of Concord

    No one contests his civil rights to be present on the rented property. What the underlying theme is that he
    apparently breached the contract of selling…. illegal by any definiton.

    I guess if you or I rented a city lot with a license to sell a product for a day; then would it be lawful or morally right for some strangers to do so without being a party to the rental agreement who had neither a city vending license to sell their product let alone contribute to the cost of renting the property for a day.

    Last lets act civilly to each other rather than recourse to derogatory names for the different people commenting.

    As one wag said, “If this world is going to get better it starts with me first”

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