Lemonade Liberation Media Roundup

It’s been difficult to keep track of the number of places the Lemonade Freedom Day story from Concord has been popping up around the internet! In just over a week, the video has been viewed over 3,000 times.

Carlos Miller, Miami based photojournalism activist and host of the blog Photography Is Not A Crime wrote a piece for his website on August 24.


Miller cross-posted the story at Information Liberation.


The Global Community of Photography blog ran Miller’s story on their internationally focused website.


Reason magazine’s blog ran Miller’s piece the same day with some added commentary by Mike Riggs.


WBAL, a Baltimore-area radio station, ran Miller’s piece on their site as well.


LibertarianNews.org teased and linked to the Reason coverage (cached by Google).


As did the blog Wiretap Watch.


FreeRepublic.com ran a story based on Reason’s coverage.


The Strange Justice blog also ran the Reason story:


As did the Daily Libertarian.


Topix.com’s Concord, NH section featured a teaser for the Free Republic coverage.


The Civil Disobedience Evolution Fund’s website featured an article on the event, which midway through became a fundraiser for the organization.


Scott Rhymer, a New Mexico based independent blogger, posted the video with commentary to his site.


Rhymer’s piece, along with the video, was cross posted at the Evil of Indifference blog.


Jon Christian, an independent blogger out of DC, also wrote commentary alongside the embedded video.


Nalini Johnson, who hosts the blog Where Do The Children Play…? out of Kansas wrote about the incident and linked back to the Free Concord coverage.


TechDirt.com ran the most in-depth coverage (aside from what you would find here at Free Concord).


The Union Leader posted on its website a link to headlines aggregated at newhampshire.com, where the video was embedded with a link to the story at TechDirt.


TweetRL.com hosted the TechDirt story, sans video.


Earlier today, the Free Concord coverage was cross-posted at CopBlock.org.



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3 Responses to Lemonade Liberation Media Roundup

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  2. Julia says:

    I like the labels used on the freerepublic forum’s story. I used to troll that site before they banned my IP.

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