Edward Snowden Speaks at NH Liberty Forum 2016

The 2016 New Hampshire Liberty Forum, held this past weekend at the Radisson Hotel in snowdennhlf2016Manchester, was the usual gathering of hundreds of libertarians and anarchists for the annual conference. Different this year was the headlining event, drawing the largest crowd of the forum, and featuring a speaker who was occupying the opposite side of the globe. Broadcasting into the parlor via a live video feed was Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower famed for revealing the details of government surveillance operations targeting humans situated both within and without the borders of the United States.

In the approximately fifty minutes that Snowden was linked into the room, he was interviewed by Reason’s Nick Gillespie on a variety of topics from Snowden’s perspective on current events, the United States presidential race, ideological inspirations, and potential paths for the future.

Strangely, an announcement was made before the event requesting that all unofficial filming be suspended. In the interests of objective journalism, I ensured that an audio device was running for the duration of the event, which resulted in poor audio quality compared to what could have been captured without the restriction. Illustrated with images captured by multiple sources from the event, enjoy this presentation of Edward Snowden’s appearance before the audience of the 2016 NH Liberty Forum.


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1 Response to Edward Snowden Speaks at NH Liberty Forum 2016

  1. HRearden says:

    Just prior to the interview of Snowden Nick Gillespie asked that the audience refrain from applauding until the end of the interview. I know that because I was in the audience. But suppose there were audience members who really wanted to clap whenever they wanted to, don’t they have that right? I mean who cares if in cuts into the time allowed for the interview the important thing is that people should be able to exercise their rights. If someone wanted to exercise their right to speech they should have not have cared if others didn’t mind, they should have felt it was their right to shout and yell, right Garret? Just because one believes they have the right to do something does not mean that they should. Nothing in the end was accomplished by audio recording the event because the FSP has posted the video of the interview they recorded. That is the video people will watch and listen to. There are times when people should resort to good manners and politeness and cooperation. These are key ingredients to liberty. These are key ingredients to self governance. That is one governing one’s self.

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