FreeConcord.org is a network and watchdog resource maintained by Concord-area liberty activists. It promotes civil liberties awareness and individual accountability and responsibility. The primary focus of Free Concord is to provide coverage for liberty activism in the immediate area with a secondary focus for happenings around New Hampshire. In solidarity with all liberty activism, we may also cover news from around the nation and world when it is particularly noteworthy (such as large scale civil disobedience events). The goal of action is to minimize the harms caused by the State.

Though liberty activism is the focus of the site, we also seek to provide a community space for area activists in their independent ventures. If you’d like to submit a story for coverage at Free Concord, contact the webmaster at freeconcord@live.com.


3 Responses to About

  1. jay warren says:

    You may find this interesting…
    A court decision about the first amendment and the freedom to record.


  2. Agrippa says:

    I found a $10 bill with FREECONCORD.ORG stamped on it in Madison, Wisconsin.

  3. paulzsimons says:

    Ugh, so an anarcho-capitalist flag “flies” on the home page of your website. But I can’t seem to find, other than liberty activism, any mention of your politics. Are you anarcho-capitalists? And if so being upfront and letting people in on what you believe in, and why, seems a far more open, honest, and libertarian approach when addressing others. If you aren’t anarcho-capitalists, then maybe you should remove the flag, or even come up with something on your own to express and symbolize your ideas. As the editor of Modern Slavery, a journal of the libertarian critique of civilization, I find that the term and concept of anarchy separates the wheat from the chaff; to wit– those capable of free and critical thinking are drawn to the concept, while those who shrink from the word anarchy usually withdraw to vote, and otherwise waste their time and energy in supporting a system worthy only of derision and contempt. Finally, if you are anarchists, of whatever stripe, salutations, some of the stuff in your website is interesting and I enjoyed surfing through it.

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